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The Truth About Bruno Groning

bruno book

Bruno Groning was famous spiritual healer in post war Germany (1906 – 1959). Wikipedia labels him a charlatan, a hoaxer who claimed to heal. During the nine years of their collaboration, Grete Häusler the author of this book, was able to convince herself of Bruno Gröning’s uprightness and honesty. Her aim in this book is to rehabilitate him. She counters lies and slander and establishes the truth about and around this controversial “miracle man”. She explains who he was, how he worked, who his attackers were and exactly why they wanted to stop him.

I bought this book at a meeting for the Bruno Groning Circle of Friends last year. However I needed no convincing of his incredible healing powers, despite him being passed over for over 50 years. Few people can claim they have received a ‘spontaneous spiritual healing’ (and when they do they are generally disbelieved or ridiculed) but I  personally can claim to have received such a healing from my association with Bruno, who, even in his current residence of the other side, provides a direct link to a healing energy that is so powerful it can be felt in the body as a tingling or light sensation. Indeed I only had to look at his photo and read the leaflet I had received in my mailbox (an answer to a heartfelt prayer for healing) to receive a healing of an emotional burden that had brought me to my knees and my life to a standstill, hence my prayer for help. So grateful for the changes this man has brought to my life, I became a Friend of the Circle and I now write up the reports of successful healing of other people lucky enough to have come across Bruno Groning.

For more on Bruno go to the website here. 


The Lost Art of Forgiving

the lost art

The Lost Art of Forgiving is a collection of stories showing the healing power of forgiveness in the experiences of ordinary people scarred by crime, betrayal, abuse, bigotry and war. It lets the lives and voices of whose who have forgiven, and those who haven’t, speak for themselves. The girl pictured on the front cover contributes her story of how she forgave the humans that caused the horrific burns to her back during the Vietnam war that affected thousands of innocent civilians. Her name is Kim Phuc and she started a foundation to help children who have suffered and to promote forgiveness. Go to the Kim Phuc Foundation website here.

This book profoundly affected me on several levels. It was given to me by the loveliest would-be mother-in-law you could wish for (shame I didn’t want to marry her son, as lovely as he was) who understood and practiced the art of forgiving. This lovely lady, a devout Christian who emanated pure goodness recognised that I was heavily burdened and needed to forgive some people for the wounds they had caused me in order to set me free. When she handed me the book the picture on the cover instantly touched on and brought into consciousness a deep guilt that I had carried inside me since I was a little girl; for the atrocities and human suffering caused during the South Vietnam war. I vividly recalled seeing this same image on a TV documentary that my mother was watching. I was seven years old and horrified at the scenes of human suffering. I asked my mother why this had happened and who had caused these atrocities. Without thinking of the possible consequences of her answer, she replied, ‘We did, along with the Americans.’ I felt immediate shame, and a terrible fear that reprisal would follow. I’m not even sure if she was correct but this is how easy it is to instill fear and guilt into a child’s mind that remains deeply buried and will affect them for the rest of their lives unless they learn to let it go, with forgiveness.

I read the stories in this book in awe and admiration for the depth of some people’s compassion and capacity to love and forgive. Inspired, I started to work on letting go of old wounds and misconceptions and loving the people that caused them.

For more about forgiveness, go to the Planet of Forgiveness website, a foundation set up my dear friend, author and publisher, Anthony Grey.


True Love


This neat little hardback book is in a small basket next to my bed along with a handful others. Its such a beautiful book to look at as well as to read I have bought it many times over as gifts for those I care about. Thich Nhat Hanh better known for ‘The Miracle of Mindfulness’ writes about how we must love the ones we know in a way that they can actually feel it. True Love is a very practical approach to cultivating loving kindness, but it’s a practical approach that does not skip on profundity. There’s a classic line near the start of the book where the author says, “You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free,” and in which, as is so often the case, Thich Nhat Hanh finds a fresh, original, and penetrating way of expressing an otherwise elusive truth.

He also teaches us the value of listening to our loved ones. It is easy not to deeply listen to what our nearest and dearest are actually saying to us, or we close our ears to what we sense they may be trying to tell us. Being listened to is for me, the greatest expression of love and kindness and a sign that someone truly cares. This isn’t always necessarily from our wives, husbands and close friends either. My business is customer service, training others to give their best and make a difference. Deep, mindful listening will not only make your customers feel instantly valued, but, with practice, will alert you on other levels to what it is they truly need. (Kerching! Just kidding).

power of now

I mentioned above that this wasn’t in any particular order, but this book is probably my no 1 for guiding my own personal transformation and shift into a higher consciousness. (Some of the time!) It was one of those books that had been given to me by a well meaning person (my mother actually) but had sat on my bookshelf for over three years before I read it (with all the other books my mother buys that I don’t read). I was waiting in the Chiropractors waiting room and saw the book lying on the table. Odd to see a lone book there and I asked the Chiropractor about it. ‘Take it home with you, rest for a week and read it.’ I read the book in just two days, and spent a further three weeks lying on my back in the sunshine staring up at the trees and the sky, practising my newfound presence. It was a time of immense healing for me and my memories of that whole period still hold the clarity and extended awareness that I found; by simply recalling this feeling my being slips into the present moment. Eckhart writes with beautiful simplicity, one of the great masters of our time. I recommend his other titles ‘Practiscing the Power of Now’ which is a condensed version and focuses on teach us the practice itself, and ‘A New Earth’.

His website contains links of interviews with him and a page where you can set up a Present Moment Reminder email from Eckhart every week. (The kind of spam that is actually very useful.) Go to that link here.