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Saved By The Light


This has to be in my top ten because it answered so many questions about what lies beyond our so called death, or passing from this life. I intuitively knew that there was something incredibly powerful ‘out there’ and that I was more than just a physical mass of flesh and bone, but at that time in my life – thirty-something – there were many missing pieces to my map of the spirit world and the bridge that lay between that world and this. We have all at some point wondered ‘what happens when I die?’ The incredible account of an ordinary man, Dannion Brinkley, filled in many of the gaps for me as he describes his near death experiences (NDE). His ‘trip’ went beyond most NDEs recalled by others and amazingly he experienced the other dimension twice, both times after being struck by lightning and ‘dying’ for a few mintues. On his first trip he floats up and following a flashback of his particularly unsavoury life so far, he is presented to twelve highly ascended beings who each give him knowledge to take back to earth with him. One of the beings predicted events that would occur, most of which have come to pass.

Dannion’s story is amazing and would be a toughie for the average person to swallow but I did find it easy to believe, it resonated as truth on so many levels for me as his personal life drew some parallels with my own (misspent youth!) and the idea of being given a second chance to evaluate your existence is firmly planted in the reader’s mind. His near death experiences changed the course of his existence on earth and taught him the value of his life and through his story we do not just learn how we die, but we to learn how we can live.



What a genius and true gift to humanity Barbara Ann Brennan is. A classic in the spiritual healing world and has sold over a million copies in 22 different languages. The book is essentially a workbook for students to learn “full spectrum healing” energy healing techniques by accessing the seven layers of the human energy field or seven chakras. Barbara is a medical intuitive who can ‘see’ disease in our energy fields – and heal them. The book is full of really clear and colourful illustrations of our energy fields and exercises to teach us how to see them.  Not ground breaking work at the time but the first time such a book had hit the best seller list. Barbara started her career as a physicist for NASA, which you would think would have accredited her with enough credibility  to prolifically influence the medical profession to reconsider the existence of the human energy  field, illness and healing. You would think. Her life’s work as a healer and energy worker is heavily influenced by the Eva and John Pierrakos who founded a system for self-transformation called the Pathwork, drawing on the ideas of  Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen. (Learn more about Pathwork communities and work here.)

I remember reading this book with my jaw literally dropping, I had never heard of anything like it in my short life (I was around 25 at the time) but not for a minute did I believe she was nuts. I believed every word of it and recognised a truth in all that she taught. I have recently experienced my first ‘intuitive medical assessment’, (on myself thankfully – not ready to be let loose on anyone else!) where after connecting to my higher self and consciousness I ‘saw’ an image of an infection on my lungs that I had not been able to get rid of for over a year and doctors could not detect with examinations. With the help of a dowser and the information that I received with the image I instinctively knew that the bacterial infection was some kind of parastite (eeeuw!! Can’t believe I’m confessing this to the world at large). My dowser also told me how to cure it – with grapefruit seed extract diluted in water. Within 5 days the pains in my lungs that I’d had for over a year completely disappeared.

This book came into my hands twenty years ago for a reason and sparked a life long fascination for healing which has accelerated over the past year. Indeed I needed it. I confess to having not really seriously reading this book from cover to cover or doing many of the exercises. It deserves more focus than I have had time for. However I did learn how to see my dog’s aura! It is only recently that I have re-purchased this book and this time I will find the time to give it the attention it deserves. Highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t read it (I’m guessing most of you reading this already have.)

Bring Out The Magic In Your Mind


Just looking at the cover takes me back…This only made it into my top ten because it was the first book that introduced me to the fact that my mind had a mind of its own, if you know what I mean. This book was written before the ‘Cosmic Ordering’ craze and one of many, many books that reveal to us how we can tap into our subconscious minds to work a little magic into our lives.

About Al Koran, if it interests you. 

The book was first published in 1984 and is now out of print. despite only ranking 247,697 in the best seller list (Amazon) it would cost you from £129.40 to buy new. (How do they work these prices out? And why did I throw my copy out? Aaargh!) Fortunately you can buy it second hand for £5.25. Al Koran, who doesn’t look anything like I imagined him to look like, was born Edward Doe in Britain (1914-1972).

Right: Al Koran. Left: My imaginary Al Koran

Right: Al Koran. Left: My imaginary Al Koran

He became famous for being- what they call a ‘mentalist’ – the Derren Brown of his day. He worked as a hairdresser until his magic hobby turned professional. He created audacious and innovative methods – still used by magicians today – to accomplish his miracles. Bring Out the Magic was one of four books but the other titles did not sell so well. I have since discovered however that in fact he didn’t write the book at all but allowed his name to be used as it was considered good publicity for him at the time. The real author was June Kynaston who also wrote ‘The Mind That Works Miracles’, apparently almost identical to Bring Out the Magic.

What did I learn from this book?

Categorised no doubt as ‘Self Help’ or as I prefer a ‘Personal Development’ book and not exactly a spiritual teaching – as far as I know there were no references to God, the Universe, or using the ‘magic’ to ‘remember who we are spiritually’ – however without this revelation that there was some kind of magical power that I could tap into at any time, that could transform my situations, I may not have made that ‘connection’ with this ‘power’ when I did. I found the book at a time of extreme trauma while living abroad. Without the support of friends or family around me, the discovery that I could call upon this power within to change situations was very comforting.

I struggle to recall where and how I came across the book, but I do remember enthusiastically recommended the title to people at work. This was my first experience of being judged as ‘a bit mad’, which at the time didn’t bother me in the slightest.

How Al made me look a right pillock

There is a story to add here, of how Al made a bit of a fool out me. (Actually I managed that all by myself but in those days I needed someone to blame.) In one of the chapters Al recounts the story of a poor and penniless man who visualised continually that he had won the lottery. The story (which I hope was true!) was demonstrating the importance of feeling as if we already have what we desire. The man asked his subconscious mind to dream the numbers of the winning ticket. Al instructs us to do the same, and to be very specific about the date of the draw, feeling like we have already won it and rejoicing in the imagery we conjure up from our minds. Our subconscious will bring exactly what we ask for he said. Having enjoyed some minor successes conjuring up parking spaces etc. I thought I’d launch myself at the magic powers and ask for the winning lottery ticket number for the next draw in Gibraltar (where I lived at the time.) I asked to dream the number that night and to my amazement I woke up around 2am following a lucid dream (that I still remember 20 years later) in which 5 numbers were shown to me whilst at a party thrown in celebration of the first million pound lottery win! Oh Lordy! I shot out of bed and grabbed a pen, carefully writing the number down and holding the piece of paper to me as though it were the winning cheque itself. 33501. I was euphoric! I spent the rest of the night lying awake mentally spending my winnings. Oh the joy! The next day, to my amazement, I actually found the ticket with my ‘winning’ number on sale – in Gibraltar the lottery has been running for decades and each sales outlet (usually newsagents or lottery agents) was allocated a batch of ticket numbers, most of which were already reserved by superstitious and habitual Gibraltarians, convinced that ‘their’ number would come up eventually – the law of averages would suggest it might after about a million years – I  had much more faith in Al Koran’s method! In fact I had immense faith and bought the ticket convinced I was going to win.

Well you’ve probably already guessed that I didn’t win – despite Al’s book being the first to review on my top ten. Gathered around the TV showing the lottery draw programme in my friend’s apartment (I was too broke to afford a telly) I had convinced friends present that I had the winning ticket in my grubby little hand. A bottle of Blue Nun sat chilling in the fridge ready to crack open (this was the ’80s…and I already said I was broke!)…what a pillock they all thought I was. (Mad, confirmed.)

Fortunately this only knocked me back temporarily and I went on to achieve more success with more advanced cosmic ordering, later converted into good old fashioned praying, and not for money.

Would I recommend this? Now that would depend on who might ask me, but I do think there are more up to date versions that carry the same instruction and message, so would probably offer those up as an alternative option as well.