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It was fascinating to hear about everyone’s favourite reads during our first meeting and how our lives have been influenced or perceptions altered from a book. I’m sure we all took away something to think about and perhaps discovered a whole lot of stuff out there that we hadn’t yet stumbled across.  Most illuminating for me I think, was Ann Cliff’s brief description of ‘Your Soul’s Plan’; If we can take on board that we organised most of the events in our life before we arrived (including our ex-husbands!) particularly the traumatic ones, then it gives a whole new perspective and depth to the responsibility we take for our lives and those around us. I’ll definitely be ordering that title, so thanks Ann for sharing it with us. Marlene has also published her own title ‘Energenics’, a book about her own method of healing, of which she has a copy we could share around. She will be bringing it in next month (I want it first!!)

I promised to publish the list from that night so here they all are for your reference:

Ann's Favourite

Ann’s Favourite

Woman Heal Thyself, Jeanne Elizabeth Blum (Mary)

The Science of Getting Rich, Rebecca Fyne (Ana)

Your Soul’s Plan, Robert Swartz (Ann)

The God Collar, Marcus Brigstock (Julia)

Every Little Thing Matters, Stephen Oates (Deirdre)

In Tune with the Infinite, Ralph Waldo Trine (Marlene)

Marlene's Favourite

Marlene’s Favourite

Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale (Marlene)

Spirit Song, Mary Summer Rae (Chris)

Horse Boy, Robert Isaacs (Chris)

Energenics, M S Richards (Marlene’s published title)

The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle (Helen)

True Love, Tich Naht Hanh (Helen)

Below are links to my top ten books that changed the course of my life, not in any particular order, but you could say that each one was a stepping stone to get me where I am today, which although far from enlightened and levitating effortlessly over a lotus leaf, is an infinitely better place than where I was back then in 1990 where my spiritual reading list begins. Not all the books are strictly ‘spiritual’ and might sit in the category of self help or personal development, but deserve a mention because they opened my mind and eventually led me there.

I welcome comments on each of my blogs. Did you read the same book? What did you think of it?

Love and Peace, Helen


power of now

II mentioned above that this wasn’t in any particular order, but this book is probably my no 1 for guiding my own personal transformation and shift into a higher consciousness. (Some of the time!) It was one of those books that had been given to me by a well meaning person (my mother actually) but had sat on my bookshelf for over three years before I read it (with all the other books my mother buys that I don’t read). I was waiting in the Chiropractors waiting room and saw the book lying on the table. Odd to see a lone book there and I asked the Chiropractor about it..Read more


the lost art

The Lost Art of Forgiving is a collection of stories shared by ordinary people scarred by crime, betrayal, abuse, bigotry and war – I was blown away with their healing power of forgiveness and made me think long and hard about some of the petty grudges that were keeping me from finding peace. The girl pictured on the front cover contributes her story of how she forgave the humans that caused the horrific burns to her back during the Vietnam war that affected thousands of innocent civilians. Her name is Kim Phuc and she started a foundation to help children who have suffered and to promote forgiveness….Read more. 


bruno book

Bruno Groning was a famous spiritual healer in post war Germany (1906 – 1959). Wikipedia brands him a charlatan, a hoaxer who claimed to heal and was prosecuted for his efforts. During the nine years of their collaboration, Grete Häusler the author of this book, was able to convince herself of Bruno Gröning’s uprightness and honesty. Her aim in this book is to rehabilitate him. She counters lies and slander and establishes the truth about and around this controversial “miracle man”. She explains who he was, how he worked, who his attackers were and exactly why they wanted to stop him…Read more. 


bring out the magic
Definitely from the ‘Self Help’ or ‘Personal Development’ category rather than Spiritual.  This title made it into my top ten because it was the first book to raise my awareness of my own personal power, that ‘miracles’ do happen and we can make them happen if we think the right thoughts. I came across it when only 21 years old. I think it jumped out at me from a bookshelf in a store. It’s listed here due to its revelatory effects on my life (as well as making me look a right twit) rather than being a great read…Read more.



This book is truly a great gift for student healers and an introduction to ‘light working’ or learning exactly what medical intuitives ‘see’ and how healing is achieved.  I have no idea how I came across this book or why. Twenty years later a dear and very special friend replaced my original copy, since I lost my original version in a house flood several years ago. Simply seeing the cover reminded me of my guileless awe at the time, what a genius this woman is! Barbara Ann Brennan is a medical intuitive, who can ‘see’ illnesses and emotional disturbances in the human energy field.The book is full of really clear and colourful illustrations of our energy fields and exercises to teach us how to see them...Read more.



A Practice for Awakening the Heart. This neat little hardback book is in a small basket next to my bed along with a handful others. Its such a beautiful book to look at as well as to read, I have bought it many times over as gifts for those I care about. Thich Nhat Hanh, better known for ‘The Miracle of Mindfulness’ writes about how we must love the ones we know in a way that they can actually feel it. True Love urges us to cultivate loving kindness, but it’s a practical approach that does not skip on profundity…Read more.



This has to be in my top ten because it answered so many questions about what lies beyond our so called death, or passing from this life. I intuitively knew that there was something incredibly powerful ‘out there’ and that I was more than just a physical mass of flesh and bone, but at that time in my life – thirty-something – there were many missing pieces to my map of the spirit world and the bridge that lay between that world and this. Haven’t we all at some point wondered ‘what happens when I die?’ For those that want to read more about the phenomenon of Near Death Experiences, this incredible account of an ordinary man, Dannion Brinkley, filled in many of the gaps for me…Read more