Saved By The Light

by Helen


This has to be in my top ten because it answered so many questions about what lies beyond our so called death, or passing from this life. I intuitively knew that there was something incredibly powerful ‘out there’ and that I was more than just a physical mass of flesh and bone, but at that time in my life – thirty-something – there were many missing pieces to my map of the spirit world and the bridge that lay between that world and this. We have all at some point wondered ‘what happens when I die?’ The incredible account of an ordinary man, Dannion Brinkley, filled in many of the gaps for me as he describes his near death experiences (NDE). His ‘trip’ went beyond most NDEs recalled by others and amazingly he experienced the other dimension twice, both times after being struck by lightning and ‘dying’ for a few mintues. On his first trip he floats up and following a flashback of his particularly unsavoury life so far, he is presented to twelve highly ascended beings who each give him knowledge to take back to earth with him. One of the beings predicted events that would occur, most of which have come to pass.

Dannion’s story is amazing and would be a toughie for the average person to swallow but I did find it easy to believe, it resonated as truth on so many levels for me as his personal life drew some parallels with my own (misspent youth!) and the idea of being given a second chance to evaluate your existence is firmly planted in the reader’s mind. His near death experiences changed the course of his existence on earth and taught him the value of his life and through his story we do not just learn how we die, but we to learn how we can live.