The Truth About Bruno Groning

by Helen

bruno book

Bruno Groning was famous spiritual healer in post war Germany (1906 – 1959). Wikipedia labels him a charlatan, a hoaxer who claimed to heal. During the nine years of their collaboration, Grete Häusler the author of this book, was able to convince herself of Bruno Gröning’s uprightness and honesty. Her aim in this book is to rehabilitate him. She counters lies and slander and establishes the truth about and around this controversial “miracle man”. She explains who he was, how he worked, who his attackers were and exactly why they wanted to stop him.

I bought this book at a meeting for the Bruno Groning Circle of Friends last year. However I needed no convincing of his incredible healing powers, despite him being passed over for over 50 years. Few people can claim they have received a ‘spontaneous spiritual healing’ (and when they do they are generally disbelieved or ridiculed) but I  personally can claim to have received such a healing from my association with Bruno, who, even in his current residence of the other side, provides a direct link to a healing energy that is so powerful it can be felt in the body as a tingling or light sensation. Indeed I only had to look at his photo and read the leaflet I had received in my mailbox (an answer to a heartfelt prayer for healing) to receive a healing of an emotional burden that had brought me to my knees and my life to a standstill, hence my prayer for help. So grateful for the changes this man has brought to my life, I became a Friend of the Circle and I now write up the reports of successful healing of other people lucky enough to have come across Bruno Groning.

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