Hands of Light

by Helen


What a genius and true gift to humanity Barbara Ann Brennan is. A classic in the spiritual healing world and has sold over a million copies in 22 different languages. The book is essentially a workbook for students to learn “full spectrum healing” energy healing techniques by accessing the seven layers of the human energy field or seven chakras. Barbara is a medical intuitive who can ‘see’ disease in our energy fields – and heal them. The book is full of really clear and colourful illustrations of our energy fields and exercises to teach us how to see them.  Not ground breaking work at the time but the first time such a book had hit the best seller list. Barbara started her career as a physicist for NASA, which you would think would have accredited her with enough credibility  to prolifically influence the medical profession to reconsider the existence of the human energy  field, illness and healing. You would think. Her life’s work as a healer and energy worker is heavily influenced by the Eva and John Pierrakos who founded a system for self-transformation called the Pathwork, drawing on the ideas of  Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen. (Learn more about Pathwork communities and work here.)

I remember reading this book with my jaw literally dropping, I had never heard of anything like it in my short life (I was around 25 at the time) but not for a minute did I believe she was nuts. I believed every word of it and recognised a truth in all that she taught. I have recently experienced my first ‘intuitive medical assessment’, (on myself thankfully – not ready to be let loose on anyone else!) where after connecting to my higher self and consciousness I ‘saw’ an image of an infection on my lungs that I had not been able to get rid of for over a year and doctors could not detect with examinations. With the help of a dowser and the information that I received with the image I instinctively knew that the bacterial infection was some kind of parastite (eeeuw!! Can’t believe I’m confessing this to the world at large). My dowser also told me how to cure it – with grapefruit seed extract diluted in water. Within 5 days the pains in my lungs that I’d had for over a year completely disappeared.

This book came into my hands twenty years ago for a reason and sparked a life long fascination for healing which has accelerated over the past year. Indeed I needed it. I confess to having not really seriously reading this book from cover to cover or doing many of the exercises. It deserves more focus than I have had time for. However I did learn how to see my dog’s aura! It is only recently that I have re-purchased this book and this time I will find the time to give it the attention it deserves. Highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t read it (I’m guessing most of you reading this already have.)