Welcome to a blog about books of the spiritual kind, created to support and provide the latest news and reviews from our local spiritual book club in Oundle, East Northants, UK. Anyone coming across this blog is free to leave comments on any of the books we review or on my Top Ten which I’ve posted just to get the club and blog started. 

What is a Spiritual Book Club?

Firstly it might be necessary to clarify, what a ‘Spiritual Book’ is?  I’m sure we all have our own perspective on this question and there is no right or wrong answer.  But for the purposes of our coming to together to discuss them I feel that a definition of what it is to me might help us to ensure that we are all ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ as it were.

To me, a spiritual book can be a heaven sent beacon of hope that inspires and illuminates my path, one that many before me have walked.  In a broader sense, a spiritual book often represents the perspective of an individual who, in pursuit of understanding the ever eternal questions of ‘What is the purpose of my life and how can I achieve happiness?’ has created a gift of their own learning and knowledge to help others. For me personally, spiritual books have probably invoked more ‘light-bulb moments’ like no other genre of writing could claim, and have been a loyal and constant friend throughout good times and bad, always there by my side, never judging, always encouraging, bringing hope that things here on earth will start to change as we steadily awaken.


Genres and Classification of Books

In terms of the classification or genre of book that we are discussing here, many from the self-help or personal development shelves have accompanied us down the spiritual path, so we’re not going to get picky about that sort of thing, we’re more interested in hearing how a book or piece of writing help you find your way, and if that was after reading ‘Charlotte’s Web’ when you were seven years old then feel free to comment on it.

Like the authors who have shared their words to comfort and guide us, we too, as individuals and humble readers, can share our insights and understanding with others, extending our light, reaching beyond our usual circle of friends and family.  It is often said and is so very true, that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ We are all teachers in this respect, and our understanding and personal progress can be a gift and a light to others. How many times has the right book with exactly the right knowledge ‘miraculously’ appeared just when you needed it most? Spiritual books could be described as the essential tools that the universe uses to help bring love, peace and understanding to our planet. If you live in or near Oundle, East Northants, you are welcome to join us at our monthly meetings in and around Oundle at various venues. If you don’t live near us, please feel free to contribute to the pages and posts on this blog site.

For more information about the meetings that take place in and around Oundle, East Northants, please click here.